From Rust to Riches

start your own small auto business with the help of a wholesale dealer license
turn your car sales dream into a reality with the help of a wholesale dealer license

You know that old rust bucket that’s been wasting away in your grandparents’ back yard? You know, the classic bug under an old tarp, covered in dead leaves and twigs? The old bug your grandpa would pull into the garage every spring and rebuild the engine, just to keep it going strong?

Well, over the years, the poor bug was somehow neglected, and there it sits, doing no one any good…

That’s where your Wholesale Dealer License comes in handy.

Wrenching Success

This is a common scene in garages and back yards across the country—old, forgotten automobiles that are going to waste for no real reason other than someone can’t or doesn’t want to put in the hours of wrench-turning it takes to bring the old beast back to life.

But you’re different, right?

You know how to set up a timing chain, how to get the air/fuel mixture just right in the carburetor, and how to track down and replace all those hoses that fell prey to dry rot over the years.

And what’s more?

You know how to get all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted to spruce up an old car and make it appealing to a buyer looking for an old classic like this. And once the abandoned car finds a new home, you can use the money to send your grandparents on that trip they’ve always dreamed of!

A Helping Hand

sell vehicles in private auctions with a wholesale dealer license

The repairs, the cleaning up, and the painting—you have well in hand. And with a neatly painted “for sale” sign placed right next to your shiny new product for sale, you’re ready to sell your 6th car this year—which wouldn’t be legal if you hadn’t gotten your wholesale dealer license from US Dealer last year.

Your dealer license has been a great business partner for you, giving you access to new cars and new options for selling your cars that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Between the wholesale auto auctions and being able to sell right to dealers, you’ve taken a hobby and turned it into a real career.

From Sea to Shining Sea

And then it happened. You were able to sell the bug—and sell it for much more than you planned. Strangely enough, you found a wealthy buyer from overseas who’d like to get their hands on your recently restored classic, and they’re willing to pay extra for the luxury.

Once again, this is where your wholesale dealer license comes in handy. With proper licensing, you are well within your rights to sell cars all over the country and even internationally.

A Blossoming Career

start your own business with a wholesale dealer license from us dealer licensing

With all the successes you’ve had thus far, it’s hard to believe that this is only the beginning of a brand-new career in bloom! You’re even thinking of bringing on a helper so you can move even more cars, expanding your operation to help the local community recycle their retired autos and give them new life again with a second chance from your hard-working, wrench-turning efforts!

US Dealer Licensing

Get in touch with US Dealer Licensing to make use of our easy, 3-step process to getting your wholesale dealer license in just 30 days! Call (888) 344-5570 for more information.

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