A License for Luxury

import and export vehicles with a wholesale dealer license
import and export exotic cars with a wholesale dealer license

Interested in owning some of the finest vehicles on the market today from foreign countries and exotic brands? What about buying and flipping Ferraris and the like from insurance and salvage auctions? Imagine rolling in a truck of newly imported foreign luxury cars to sell to an auction or another wholesaler. Maybe you’re more interested in getting the deal of a lifetime on a salvage supercar that you know you can flip for an awesome profit. These are some of the amazing possibilities a wholesale dealer license can give you.

How Can I Get Luxury Foreign Cars?

Not just anyone can get their hands on the most desirable automobiles in the world—you’ll need to have a wholesale dealer license to get access to exclusive auctions or have the ability to import foreign vehicles. Salvage auctions put on by insurance companies can only be accessed by dealers, as well as other exclusive dealer-only auctions. 

The ability to import foreign cars also lets you have any vehicle you want from around the world that complies with US regulations—either to sell or to add to your personal collection.

What Can I Import?

import luxury cars to sell at dealer only auctions

With a wholesale dealer license, you can import anything that complies with EPA and safety regulations, but there are exceptions to these rules for older vehicles. Any automobile more than 25 years old can skip all these government mandates, allowing classics like the older Nissan Skyline GT-R to become easy imports for collectors and sellers alike. 

Newer vehicles are subject to these regulations though, so you’ll have to do your research before attempting to import vehicles that are newer than 25 years old. There are some things to look out for besides major checklist items like emissions and approved engines. Small details like a seatbelt chime, a third brake light, and orange reflective plates may need to be added to imported vehicles.

The license also allows those that are interested to import things other than automobiles like RV’s, jet skis, and more from foreign markets. From somewhere as close as Canada or as far as Japan, with a wholesale dealer license, you now have access to any car you want, anywhere you can find it.

What Can I Do with Imported Cars?

sell in dealer to dealer auctions with a wholesale dealer license

Imported cars offer a great opportunity for wholesale dealers to make a profit in the automotive industry. Being in a position where you can bring in cars that most people can’t get by themselves is a big advantage. These cars can be sold for a nice profit with wholesalers acting as middlemen between foreign exporters and dealers who can sell to customers. 

Repairing salvaged exotics is also an intriguing option for those that are mechanically inclined. Vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars can be bought for bottom dollar prices, leaving plenty of room for profit after it’s repaired. The possibilities are endless and exciting no matter what route you take when dealing with foreign luxury.

How Can I Get My Wholesale Dealer License?

An old Japanese sports car or German luxury sedan coming off the boat for the first time is an exciting idea for anyone interested in automobiles. A fully rebuilt Aventador coming off the lift to return to the road can be an awesome reality. 

US Dealer Licensing specializes in a simple and easy process to get your wholesale dealer license—opening up these possibilities and more. Don’t be afraid to contact us to grab your opportunity to own a Lamborghini, otherwise, it might just pass you by. Ready to get started?

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