How Salvaged Cars Can Save You Big Bucks

sell salvaged vehicles to auctions
buy and sell salvaged vehicles with a wholesale dealer license from us dealer licensing

Everyone loves to save money—especially if you tell them they can save anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars! Whether you’re in the market for used work trucks or barely driven Lamborghini’s, you can find them in salvage auctions at huge discounts. Salvage auctions are cheaper for a reason—these vehicles have all been totaled. With the right skills and knowledge, and a wholesale dealer license from US Dealer Licensing, you have the opportunity to save and make plenty of cash from your purchases.

What Are Salvaged Vehicles? Where Can I Get Them?

A vehicle that receives a salvage title means that the insurance company has decided that the cost of repairs is more than the current value of the car. You can purchase salvaged vehicles with the repairs already made or with repairs still necessary. With exclusive dealer auctions all around the country, as well as enormous online auctions you’ll be granted access to, you can obtain almost any car you can find on the market today at a huge discount.

What Kinds of Vehicles Can I Get at Salvage Auctions?

attend salvage auctions with the help of a wholesale dealer license

Salvage auctions contain anything from daily drivers to ultra-rare Ferraris that can be yours with a winning bid. Every make and model imaginable is for sale on online auctions, and the opportunities for you to use your wholesale dealer license are endless. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re looking for, or what you’re able to afford, there is a deal for everyone to score. Whether you’re looking for used entry-level options, luxury sedans, or foreign supercars, you’ll find what you want at salvage auctions.

How Can I Make Money with Salvage Auctions?

you can make money by selling salvaged cars in auctions

Ready to score rare luxury cars to add to your own garage at a much lower cost? Or are you more interested in purchasing and flipping sedans to dealerships? With the opportunity to buy at exclusive auctions, and the power a wholesale dealer license provides to sell whatever vehicles you want for a profit, you’ll have a new and exciting way to make a career. 

Salvage auctions in particular offer the widest margins for profit, with prices at auction well below retail value.

For the mechanically inclined, salvage auctions offer a way to see huge dividends. While you certainly can make money buying cars and then having them repaired by mechanics to resell, the best way to see big profits is to have the work done in your own garage. But these repairs are where you can lose most of your profit. Remember, these vehicles are deemed to be worth less than the cost of their needed repairs. If you can cut your labor costs by having the work done in-house, you can drastically cut how much money you put into the vehicle before resale. Pair how much you saved by purchasing the car at salvage auction, with how much you saved on repairs, and you have a recipe for profit.

How Can I Get Access to Salvage Auctions?

Ready to get your start in the automotive business or add a new source of income to your business? To get access to exclusive salvage auctions, you’ll need a wholesale dealer license from US Dealer Licensing. With our fast and simple process, you’ll be at auctions making money in no-time. If you have any questions about salvage auctions or the process of getting your very own wholesale dealer license, feel free to contact US Dealer Licensing for more info.

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