What Are the Requirements for a Wholesale Dealer License in Missouri?

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The semi pulls into the lot, ready to unload its cargo and head back on the highway. For the driver this might just be another run, but as you watch the new foreign luxury sedans come rolling off the carrier you can’t help but be proud of your new business. Your dealership has a wave of merchandise you couldn’t have dreamed of getting just months ago. You bought them at an exclusive auction and got a great deal on them too. Now you’re about to turn them around for a nice profit to a retail dealership in St. Louis. As the badges of Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW glitter in the sun, you decide this might just be the job for you—if you can resist keeping them all for yourself. 

A wholesale dealer license could open opportunities like this one and more to anyone looking to get their start or expand in the auto industry. Going through the process of getting one can be a lengthy and difficult road for those that attempt to go through it alone. US Dealer Licensing can guide you through this process, making it simple and fast. Before you decide on going out and getting a wholesale dealer license however, you should know what Missouri requires from applicants for a wholesale dealer license.

How do I Get a Wholesale Dealer License?

Missouri has ten initial requirements when applying to receive a wholesale dealer license. 

  1. Register your business with the Missouri Secretary of State
  2. Have your dealership pass inspection
  3. Have a permanent location that is owned or leased
  4. Have a working telephone and listing for your business
  5. Provide proof of garage liability insurance
  6. Complete the application for the type of license you want
  7. Supply criminal records for all owners named on the application
  8. Submit photos of the dealership, display lot, and sign
  9. Obtain a corporate surety dealer bond or irrevocable letter of credit from a state or federal institution in the amount of $50,000
  10. Send money or a check made out to the Missouri Department of Revenue for the license and plate fees

How Can US Dealer Licensing Help With This Process?

As shown above, there are numerous requirements and obstacles for those seeking to start a career in wholesales. These licenses are great opportunities for newcomers to the industry, but the large barrier of paperwork can make it difficult for a beginner. Even for someone who eventually gets through this process, it is often untimely and complicated. 

Wouldn’t you want to get started in your exciting, lucrative career as soon as possible? US Dealer Licensing can help make this process quick and easy—30 days or less and we take care of all the paperwork for you. The process can be done online in a few simple steps. US Dealer Licensing even finds the best deals on bonds and insurance and procures a physical address for your business. Supplied with all these things, plus expert advice on the process and regulations, you’ll be empowered to get into the industry quickly and effectively.

What Can I Do With a Wholesale Dealer License?

start your own small business with the help of a wholesale dealer license

A wholesale dealer license is your best option to break into the auto industry. Honored in all 50 states, you can now import and export cars internationally, attend exclusive dealer-only automobile auctions, and sell to many different businesses. Clients you can sell to include other dealers, salvage auction companies, leasing companies, and more. Wholesale is extremely cost-effective, and the auctions associated with it bring great deals on vehicles that can’t be found in retail dealing.

How Can I Get Started?

Those interested in starting a promising business with a wholesale dealer license or want more information should contact US Dealer Licensing. Your new license can lead you to a new lucrative business for yourself. With the possibility of attending auctions regularly and importing foreign cars, wholesale dealing can make for an exciting career as well! Taking these few simple steps with US Dealer Licensing today can jumpstart your career as a wholesale dealer tomorrow.

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