4 Major Benefits of Having a Wholesale Dealer License

nothing outweighs the benefits of a wholesale dealer license
with a wholesale dealer license you can attend dealer only auctions

You’ve been thinking about it for some time now. It seems like the right thing to do for your business, yet you’ve hesitated to take action. 

Sure, your love for cars started off as a hobby, but your friends kept telling you to take your dream to the next level. After years of ups and downs and plenty of hard work, it’s almost too real now, watching your very own local dealership grow and wondering how to best capitalize on this success in new ways.

Worry not! 

As the biggest company of its kind, US Dealer Licensing is the perfect candidate to help you in this situation. 

Here are four ways having a wholesale dealer license puts you a cut above the rest.

#1 Attending Dealer Only Auto Auctions

One of the best places to get a good deal on used vehicles is an auto auction. As a business owner yourself, you must be thinking, “What else is new?” 

You may also be aware of the number of closed auctions you’re missing out on. With a wholesale dealer license, you have the certification to buy automobiles, motorcycles, and more  at these dealer only auctions. And you’ll rest easy knowing your license is valid anywhere in the country.

#2 Exporting Cars

Your local business can expand to accommodate customers worldwide. With a wholesale dealer license, you widen your scope far beyond local dealer auctions because you can ship to a number of countries around the world. 

You can also export vehicles with international demand in unlimited quantities to make the most out of this valuable asset. But that’s not all…

#3 Importing Cars

import and export cars with a wholesale dealer license from us dealer licensing

As above, so below. When you begin participating in auctions all over the world, you gain access not only to a new customer base, but you also become a customer yourself.

Your wholesale dealer license allows you to import cars from Canada and several other countries, giving local customers access to new and exciting models they wouldn’t see otherwise.

#4 Purchasing Salvage Cars

you can purchase salvage cars with the help of a wholesale dealer license from us dealer licensing

On top of dealer only auctions, another interesting and lucrative avenue opens for you that you may not have realized…

Your wholesale dealer license gives you direct access to a number of online auctions for salvage cars. These vehicles are sold on behalf of individuals and businesses like insurance companies who deem the necessary repairs more expensive than the vehicle’s value.

So how can you make a profit? Strap on your toolbelt and make the repairs yourself without outsourcing your help to mechanics! You can cut costs and sell off the vehicle for a good price. You could also sell salvage cars through these auctions yourself.

3 Steps to Success with US Dealer Licensing

And there’s more where that came from. Our 3-step process will ensure your wholesale dealer license is in your hands with dealer plates ready to go. Once that’s done, our regulation coaching will make sure you’re in compliance with dealer laws. To get started, get in touch with US Dealer Licensing. For more information, visit this page or call (888) 344-5570.

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