Technology Is Changing the Wholesale Dealer Industry

see how the wholesale dealer industry is evolving before you
see how phone apps are changing the wholesale dealer industry

We see them at the dinner table, the line at the grocery store, waiting to catch the subway, in the middle of crowded waiting rooms—heck, we even see them in traffic.

Smartphones. They’re omnipotent, everywhere, and frankly, here to stay.

Another unexpected place we see smartphones is in the wholesale dealer business. What was once hauling vehicles to auctions and shaking the hands of new business partners has turned into texting new associates and uploading photos of our cars to online auctions—welcome to car dealing today. Though we may miss the personal touch and feel of the road while traveling between auctions, online wholesaling has many benefits that can’t be ignored. Join US Dealer Licensing as we detail how online trading can open up new opportunities and save you time and money.

It’s an App 

purchase vehicles online with an app and a wholesale dealer license

Just like Angry Birds, Facebook, and Maps are all popular apps, apps are being created to help wholesalers connect with each other and dealerships. Apps like TradeRev and DealerCenter are new on the scene to help facilitate vehicle trade and new partner relationships.

Mobile car auction apps are also rising in popularity. Apps like Copart – Salvage Car Auctions, ACV Auctions, and Autotrade Only, allow dealers to post their vehicles for sale and to purchase other vehicles—all on one easy-to-use platform.

Though some dealers still prefer to attend physical auctions, these apps can bring many benefits…let’s check them out!

All These Dealers…On One Platform?

If you live on the East coast, you’re unlikely to travel all the way to the West coast for a dealer to dealer car auction, but what if you didn’t have to put in all those miles?

The beauty of dealer vehicle apps is that they make it extremely easy to buy and sell vehicles. Imagine not having the limitations of a physical location—it can open up your buyer pool by a substantial amount.With a large quantity of dealers also comes more vehicles to choose from. Spend the day perusing options to find just the right car to add to your inventory. Who knows, you may find just the car you’ve been searching for— or even a new business partner!

Save Time and Money 

You know the drill—find the perfect dealer auction, request off of work, bribe your friends into helping you load vehicles, spend all day at an auction, and finally, hope to buy or sell a vehicle.

Traveling to auctions can be time-consuming, tedious, and costly—especially when you factor in costs like gas and lodging.

With mobile auction apps, you have the power to sell and purchase vehicles all from the luxury of your home—no hassle involved. Though you still have to pay to ship and receive vehicles, you knock off the initial auction fee, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure 

attend salvage auctions with a wholesale dealer license

When dealerships buy a used car or a car that does not resemble the rest of their inventory, they may want to sell these cars quickly and cheaply to keep bringing in new inventory, or to help save part of their investment.

With mobile apps, car dealerships can do this without effort, which means that there are plenty of old cars up for grabs. To the experienced wholesale dealer, this can translate into a hefty payday of flipping and selling. 

Tailor to Your Market 

With the power of mobile apps, you no longer have to guess what vehicles buyers are looking for—you can know. With this advantage, you can tailor the type of vehicles you flip and sell to certain markets, and you can also easily avoid markets that you do not have cars for—a win-win.

The Future Is Here—and It Is Bright

there are many ways to trade vehicles with a wholesale dealer license

With advancements in technology and an increase in mobile phone use, the process of buying and selling vehicles with a wholesale dealer license is rapidly evolving. With access to mobile auctions, you now have the power to connect with thousands at the push of a button. You also have the ability to buy cheap cars from dealers—without having to hunt them down at a physical auction.

If you want to participate in dealer only mobile auctions, you’ll need a wholesale dealer license! With US Dealer Licensing, we can help you file paperwork and get you a license in around thirty days! For more information on licensing and our practices, call 1 (888) 344-5570 or visit here.

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