Jumpstart Your Dreams with a New Business

start your small business today with a wholesale dealer license
start your own business with the help of a wholesale dealer license

The American dream is hard to conceptualize—it manifests itself differently for all of us. For some it’s a happy family, for others it’s a long, successful career, and for some of us, it’s the thrill of building our own small businesses.

Though with hard work and a little elbow grease, anyone can obtain the American dream, sometimes there are hurdles present. One of these common hurdles is obtaining a wholesale dealer license. This can often be a long, confusing process—one that can discourage even the most driven person. US Dealer Licensing understands this drawback, which is why we provide an easy three-step process to help you meet your small business goals.

See what a wholesale dealer license could mean for you!

How Can a Wholesale Dealer License Help You Accomplish Your Dreams?

sell cars in dealer only auctions with a wholesale dealer license

A wholesale dealer license is an excellent way to become a successful small business owner—so what exactly can be accomplished with this license?

  1. Freely participate in auto auctions:

Most auto auctions are barred to those who do not hold a dealer license, which means that you could be missing out on great opportunities to buy and sell vehicles. With a wholesale dealer license, you can participate in any public auction!

      2.  Import and Export Vehicles from Abroad:

Broaden your client base with the ability to export vehicles to any country around the world—this is especially helpful when conducting business with clients in Canada and Mexico. A dealer license also gives you the ability to import vehicles from select countries, which greatly broadens your purchasing power and selection.

       3. Increase Your Salvage Opportunities:

You can freely buy and sell salvaged vehicles at auto insurance auctions and online auctions. You’ll now have the ability to participate in famous auctions like Copart USA!

What Do You Need to Receive a Wholesale Dealer License?

In order to obtain a wholesale dealer license, the following requirements must be meet:

1. A Doing Business As (DBA) Name:

A Doing Business As name will be the name of your new business. In order to get this name, you must receive a DBA certificate from your state, which involves an application with a fee.

2. Obtain a Business License:

A business license allows you to interact with consumers legally. A fee is involved with processing this license.

3. A Legal Address:

In order to start conducting business, you need to have a physical location with a legal address. This physical address will then be zoned commercially for vehicle sales.

4. Insurance:

The last requirement is business insurance. By having insurance, you can protect both your clients, your business investment, and even your vehicles when a purchase is made.

Obtaining a Wholesale Dealer License is Now Made Easy

Getting a wholesale dealer license can be a complex process. Many problems surface when completing paperwork and choosing a required, legal address. This is why US Dealer Licensing condenses the process into three, easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1:

The beginning of the process begins with submitting your information and payment to US Dealer Licensing. After we process your information and requests, paperwork is handled.

Step 2:

The amount of required paperwork may feel extensive—but that’s where we help! After our team emails you the necessary documents, you simply sign the documents and send them back to us through the mail. Our team will then carefully review the documents to ensure the paperwork was filled out correctly.

Step 3:

After checking the documents, our team will then submit the paperwork for you. After a waiting period of approximately thirty days, you will receive your wholesale dealer license!

Our team can also help you secure a physical location from which to conduct business—with office and building compliance always checked!

us dealer licensing will help you rent an office and make sure youre in compliance

Start Your Business Journey Today

With a wholesale dealer license, the possibilities are endless. Start your own small business and begin to interact with clients and participate in auto auctions! Contact US Dealer Licensing to see how we can help you today—but don’t take it from us, see what our successful clients have to say!

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