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start your own business and save money with an auction license
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An auction license does not mean the same thing to everyone—nor does it have to. Perhaps you own a body shop and are wishing to expand, or maybe you flip cars for a hobby, or perhaps you specialize in vehicle imports and exports…the possibilities are endless. All the diverse occupations mentioned above have one thing in common—they all could benefit from an auction license. We at US Dealers have had the pleasure of assisting people from all over the US with turning their hobbies and small startups into functional, profitable businesses by helping them obtain dealer licenses. Listed below are the ways in which an auction license could benefit you!

What are the Benefits of Having an Auction License? 

By obtaining an auction license, many new freedoms become available for you to use.

For example…

  1. Become A Business Owner: By becoming a small business, many new opportunities can rise to the surface. You become available for many benefits like small-business loans, and the possibility for expansion is always an exciting plus.
  2. Buy/Sell with Car Dealerships and Auctions: By working with car dealerships and auctions directly, you have the opportunity to save time and money, as well as choose vehicles without third-party pressure.
  3. Import and Export Vehicles: With an auction license, you have the luxury of exporting and importing vehicles in a wide number of countries, which can drastically increase your purchasing options and consumer base.  
  4. Vehicle-Salvage Opportunities: With a license, you have the ability to purchase vehicles from auto insurance auctions. You also have the power to both purchase and sell salvage.
  5. Participate in Auto Auctions: With an auction license, you have the ability to freely partake in auto auctions, which are largely closed to individuals who do not hold a license.

How Can You Obtain an Auction License?

us dealer licensing can get you an auction license in just thirty days

At US Dealers, we make the process of obtaining an auction license simple. Below are the steps we take to help you receive your license in an easy and timely manner.

  1. First US Dealers will process your information and receive a payment.
  2. Next, we email you the necessary documents to complete to receive your license. Since the paperwork can be substantial, we will walk you through the process and review the documents to ensure completion accuracy.
  3. US Dealers will then submit your signed paperwork.
  4. After a period of about thirty days, you will receive approval to start dealing.

US Dealers can also provide you with a rented office to give you a required legal address (we make sure that the office and building are always in compliance).

How Has US Dealers Helped People Like You?

In business since 2010, US Dealers has been helping the public receive auction licenses to achieve their goals. For example, US Dealers has recently helped Miguel of Flayers Auto Sales receive his dealer license. Miguel stated, “We were looking to get dealer plates and auction access to start a wholesale auto sale business,” and, “They [US Dealers] provided me with great advice, tips and updates that helped me refine my business to stay in business.” For help starting a business from anywhere in the US like Miguel, or for an auction license to advance your hobby, visit US Dealers today, and allow us to get you certified in no time.

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