Is Getting a Wholesale Dealer License Worth it?

us dealer licensing can help you buy and sell cars fast
us dealer licensing can help you buy and sell cars fast

A wholesale dealer license can be a great asset to your business, but what are the benefits of having one? 

Join US Dealer Licensing, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive field, as we cover the many uses and benefits of having a wholesale license!

What you can do with a wholesale dealer license?

become your own boss with a wholesale dealer license

Here comes the million-dollar question—What is a wholesale dealer license used for?

You can sell cars wholesale to other dealers! 

There are three main benefits of selling wholesale:

  1. You save on overhead costs
  2. You can sell more cars per year
  3. You can profit even more off each sale

Here’s how it works. As a wholesaler, you don’t have to pay for employees. You also won’t have any sales people, so you only have one expense (yourself) but still make all of your normal profit margins on every car sold—which is huge! 

The bottom line is that if you want to make tons of money in less time with less investment, buying wholesale is perfect for you—but make sure you know what type of dealer license will work best for your situation; there are several different licenses with multiple sub-categories depending on what state or province that may affect which licenses would be best for your business setup. 

Why get your wholesale dealer license?

The benefits of a wholesale license are tremendous, but you should still think carefully about whether or not it’s worth getting your wholesale dealer license. 

Consider why you want to get one and what you will do with it. Will you benefit from having a wholesale dealer license to sell cars at different lots around town or is your plan to use your wholesale license for its main purpose—selling vehicles in bulk to another car dealership? 

Knowing how and where you want to use your wholesale dealer license from day one makes all of these questions much easier to answer.

Benefits of a Wholesale Dealer license

In addition to some of the benefits mentioned above, there are other benefits to having a wholesale dealer license. 

You have the ability to:

  1. Become a business owner
  2. Attend private dealer-only auctions
  3. Import vehicles from overseas
  4. Export vehicles to different countries

You can also help expand your other businesses, especially if you own a body shop or you’re a mechanic! 
If a wholesale dealer license sounds right for you, contact US Dealer Licensing at (888) 344-5570 to learn more or to get started!

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